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If you want a full-time personal training or fitness coaching business, this checklist has everything you need to get your business up and running so you can start attracting more clients and changing more lives.

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"Even though I’ve had years in the business, Joy was able to teach me how to advertise my business. Following her guidance for social media actually yielded me 3 virtual clients from one post, no questions asked! I honestly can’t say that I would have known how to handle that had I not worked through her academy. So definitely tap in with her. I’m extremely proud to work with her, learning and applying, growing my brand and my business, not just for myself, but to help other people."
Coach Lu
Train With Lu
"Before signing up with Joy, I was lost, confused... I spent 20 years in the education field. I didn't know anything about starting a business. I had zero clients, zero social media following, zero knowledge, so I knew I needed help. And I didn't know what I didn't know. Joy walked me through the framework, step by step, and helped me with different ideas. Getting guidance from someone who's already been there helped me to avoid a lot of things that I would've fallen into without guidance. Joy is a great coach, accountable and consistent. Now, I'm like, "am I doing this? I'm doing this! I actually have a fitness & nutrition business and people are excited and learning from me." I'm like, "wow, this is really happening!"
Carmalita Rodgers
Bold & Fitt Fitness & Nutrition
"My struggle was attracting new clients. It was directly tied to a lack of structure in my approach to acquire them. My proudest moment came when I acquired 2 new clients in a day!! I had never acquired paying clients that quickly, and it was due to Joy's coaching. Her coaching provided me with a process that I can continue duplicating to help me reach my business goals."
Alex Knowles
Air3 Fitness


Hey, I’m Joy Diggs, fitness business coach, personal trainer, and registered dietitian. I've owned Digg Deep Fitness & Nutrition, located in Houston, Texas for over 10 years. I'm happy you're here because I know how it feels to want to grow your company but wonder what to do next. I’ve been there.

In my 15 years as a personal trainer, I’ve seen tons of trainers come and go. I know it’s because many of us treat our businesses like they are hobbies or hustles instead of being strategic about our growth, like business owners. Not only does that impact our wallets, but it limits our ability to help the very people we started our businesses to serve.

Through Digg Deep Trainer Academy, I specifically help personal trainers “level up” and grow businesses they LOVE while offering products and services that feel authentic to them. When you grow as a business owner, you’re able to expand your reach, help more people, and increase your income along the way.

• B.A. in Exercise & Sports Science
• Master of Science in Nutrition
• Registered & Licensed Dietitian
• National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
• National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Weight Loss Specialist
• National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Behavior Modification Specialist
• Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

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